Measure your animal trials with artificial intelligence.

The essential in vivo platform.

Never miss a key insight.

Neurocurious intelligently monitors mice to pick up key behaviors invisible to the human eye. The precise data about invisible behavioral and environmental variables enable you to capture information key to the next phase of drug development.

MouseCam’s view is second to none.

No more relying on one-off tests that don't provide enough strain on the animal. We track your mice 24/7, providing you with more subtle phenotypes to learn how your compounds are actually affecting your mice.

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We’ll send you a MouseCam to try it free for a month, no strings attached.

Everything your monitor should be, and more.

Plug and play. Our MouseCams perfectly suit your existing vivarium set-up, requiring no home-cage modification.

Automate your behavioral assays. Our AI-driven models provides disease-relevant data including a Depression Index and fine-grained micro-movements, such as how many times your mice have seized.

Safety and Security. All data and communications are encrypted and unidentifiable. Our software pushes an encrypted video stream directly to our servers and to your authenticated device.

Scientifically valid insights. Founded on over 10 years of research and Brown University and MIT, Neurocurious combines the science of perception with deep learning.


Kevin Bath

Professor at Brown University

Detecting depression in mice normally takes me three weeks with human scoring. Neurocurious completed a Depression Index of all my mice in one week, allowing me to publish my research paper faster.


John Bradfield

Executive Director at AAALAC

This is great for animal welfare. Humans are not the gold standard.

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